Social Media Boot Camp

Attend Social Media Bootcamp get you and your business socially fit and active!

FREE 6 months of BigRuby!

FREE 2 months of coaching included to ensure your success!

FREE book included!

BabyLegs founder Nicole Donnelly and the Salty Waffle team brings you systems and strategy to spread the word about your business to grow, create brand awareness, and garner a support network.
Work one on one with social media experts to develop, design, and implement your social media marketing strategy.
In two full days you will learn how being socially active can benefit your business from hiring to marketing.
You will be given the tools to automate your processes and assistance to implement them on the spot!
You will create and implement a ONE YEAR promotional calendar and be given the tools to automate it all!
Thursday May 27th
Friday May 28th

*Lunch included
Please email with any dietary needs