Social Bears

Social media can save the bears, and humans that come across one. 6 am, Sunday morning we went on a 3 hour bumpy bear tour in Whistler, BC. Throughout the tour, Mike talked so passionately about his bears. He knows their names and personalities as he’s out there for 2-3 tours a day all season long. He wants to bring awareness to people about how we can all live together and social media would be such a great way for him to share his stories, photos, and videos.

Nicole Donnelly, Whistler BC, Bear Den, Social Media
Nicole Donnelly in a Bear Den

For most people bear sitings and interactions are not on our daily agenda. Bears are so cute and so much like humans in their relationships and interactions with each other. They have individual personalities and as Casey Anderson, grizzly expert, says, it’s like a soap opera. With all the mating stories they talked about, I’m sure it would be quite interesting.

Both Mike and Casey have a love for bears and a passion for sharing their learnings with others. That passion combined with a little social media would do wonders for bear awareness and building a community that all cares about the bears.

Imagine a Gary Vaynerchuck style show about bears. Watch Gary and think Bears!