Micro Blogging: Use It For Your Business

Social media comes in all different shapes and forms, so deciding what’s best for your retail business can be tough. The great thing is there are helpful folks like the crew at Salty Waffle here to point you in the right direction if you ever get lost. If you still haven’t incorporated Micro Blogging into your social media tool bag yet, it’s probably time. Your consumers attention span is short, so if you’re able to send them precise, to-the-point blogs they are more likely to digest the whole message. Micro blogs are also a great way send media files.

micro blogging, micro, blogging, social media, retail, businessThe most famous micro blogging site is Twitter, where you are able to send out short, 140 character Tweets, to get your message across. You start attracting followers by writing short tweets full of cliff hangers, making the readers (your consumers) eager to click on the link to read your whole blog.

An example:  @SaltyWaffle Ever sent a tweet out that you meant to be a DM? What were the consequences? http://ow.ly/5gxED

This snippet gets the juices flowing and makes the consumer want to read more. When they click on the link, it takes them directly to your site, where after reading the rest of your blog, they browse your products.

Depending on your retail business, micro-blogging could be a great way to gain publicity and increase sales. Give it a try, and if you need help with other aspects of social media, the experts at Salty Waffle are always here to help.