Measure It: The KosmicMath Story

analytics, measuring matters, ride like a penguin

A little while back we took a glimpse into Ride Like A Penguin and talked about the fact that what is measured, matters. Well, there is a great company I had the pleasure of meeting with a few times this summer called KosmicMath and measuring is exactly what matters to them.

Founder Jerry Ketterling and his team, have developed a series of learning games disguised within games for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. On the surface, kids play the math games, solve puzzles, learn, and complete tasks to advance through the ranks and win the game.

What is happening behind the scenes is the important part. Built in to these learning games is a system for measuring and tracking the progress of the players. Provided with the game is a portal for parents to log in and check on how their child is doing and see where they are succeeding or struggling. A whole host of analytics is available with a few simple clicks and can be exported to excel as well.

KosmicMath has set itself apart with this tracking and measuring component . They believe in a measured approach to learning and their game provides instant feedback so that energy can be applied to the best areas. Jerry’s own kids love the games and have quickly advanced through the levels and their success and love for the games keeps Jerry pushing to make the games even better.

The games are proof that measuring matters, Jerry created these games on that idea and the success that the players are having compounds that proof. Like we said before, you don’t know where you are unless you measure it.

Want to try the games? Free trial here!