iPad: iMom Raising iKid

iPadOn our way to Hawaii last week we broke out the iPad and Sara was entertained for the next 5 hours! Drawing, math, vocabulary games, Tetris, tic tac toe, and Ferngully. Absolutely priceless. She learns, creates, and is inspired to learn more.

In a meeting yesterday she was silent for over one hour while playing on the iPad. She has increased her math skills by 2 grade levels and her vocabulary is through the roof.

Sara appreciates the hands on crayons, glue, and scissors, but when those are not practical, the iPad allows for more contained creativity. As a little girl who is often toted around to meetings, she’s used to her Bose headphones, iTunes, iPad, iPhone, and all of their apps, podcasts, videos, and tunes.

GenX-ers, as a whole grew up as latch-key kids with little parental supervision and some technology which made us skeptical, independent, and resourceful, self-starters. Our children are now coming up in a world with constant connectedness, collaboration, and technology.

This generation is going to bring to life things that we can’t even imagine today. Go get ’em Gen-i.