How To Propel Your Music Career With ReverbNation: Artist Edition

ReverbNation is a great tool for all sorts of people within the music industry.  However, it is most useful for the aspiring musician who is trying to gain more exposure but does not have the resources at their disposal to reach a large audience.

social media reverb nation artist
ReverbNation is your central hub of your band operations.

The most valuable advantage that ReverbNation offers its artists are its viral marketing tools and services.  These tools come in the form of widgets and apps that push your content from your band page to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and even blogs.  These widgets will automatically push all content (whether it is new uploaded music or concert information) to all of your affiliated sites so you don’t have to go through the tedious process of updating all of your different accounts.  This is great for saving time while also keeping your fan base informed of important news.

The band homepages also offer many useful widgets that help promote your music.  The band pages are similar to MySpace in their layout and ReverbNation offers a comprehensive list of tools to customize your page to fit your style.  From your homepage you can display music, photos, tour information, music videos, press information and much more.  Through your homepage you can also access the FanReach widget.  This widget is a very effective tool used to send out newsletters to your fans on the mailing list.

Gig finder is another very useful service offered through the Artist main page.  It basically helps you find venues based on your geographical location, venues that feature similar artists to yourself and venues simliar to ones you have performed at in the past.

social media reverb nation
ReverbNation artist reports help track your progress.

Once you have played several gigs and start to build a following, the Buzz Tracker is a great way to track your succes and growth.  Buzz Tracker syncs all of your Facebook, Twitter and MySpace accounts in order to track your buzz across all of your social networks and see what people are saying about you.  The stats dashboard also displays who is listening to your music and where they are predominantly located.

As if all of these services weren’t enough, you can also sell your music and merchandise via ReverbNation as well as receive brand deals and licensing for your band’s products.  Stay tuned for more fun ways to use ReverbNation!