How Long Should Your Retail Business Blog Be

Is my blog to short, to long, to…? Blogging for any retail business is a great asset, but if you’re not attracting a ton of views it gets tedious quick. Blog length plays a crucial role in whether or not someone reads your post. Think about it, if you click on a blog that interests you and it’s the length of a novel, are you going to read it? Chances are probably not. Statistics show people on the web have a short attention span. Average time is about 1 minute 30 seconds. This means you need to create blogs that readers can digest in short blurps.

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Is your blog to long?

Shorter posts are also known to make readers click on other relevant blogs when they are finished reading the first. By not exhausting them out with a reading marathon, they will start clicking around to see what else you have to say.

SEO plays a key factor in post length. It’s known that Search Engine Optimization works best for posts that are not to short and not to long.

Well, what is that perfect word count for your blog post? Honestly, you can’t put an exact number on it. If you keep the article between 250 and 500 words, it’s a safe bet you’ve written quality information, optimized SEO and kept the readers attention span. Start experimenting with different blog lengths to see what works best for you!