Give Your Retail Business A Facelift

At Salty Waffle, we love helping you with all your social media needs. We know that successful retail businesses need to have their social media be top notch. Although focusing on the brick and mortar part of your business isn’t our expertise, summer is here and it’s time to look at all aspects of your business to be successful. Customers are drawn to new and shiny things, thus perfectly good structures downtown are constantly being torn down to put up new, extravagant buildings. Certain colors fade out, and then come back into style. Decor does the same. Ask yourself, are you only maintaining your retail business, or are you staying relevant with what your customers desire?

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Is your business due for a little elbow grease?

Here are a few inexpensive ways to keep up with the trends.


Walk into a store with contemporary music playing and instantly you know you’re going to have a 21st century experience. Part with the radio, or that 10 year old CD, and upgrade to Pandora or SiriusXM radio. Not only will it play contemporary tunes, these mediums rarely repeat songs so something new is always on.


Everyone likes that ‘new car smell,’ and fresh paint can give your building that same aura. Adding a contemporary color or an accent wall will give your retail business a ‘new’ feeling.


It doesn’t have to be something complex, something like the Square card reader will do. A simple gadget that accepts credit cards on your smart phone shows customers you’re using state of the art technology.

Sprucing up your image is a great way to give your customers perceived value. These three tips will help make your brick and mortar business a 21st century establishment. If you need any help getting your social media tools on par, feel free to check out Salty Waffle courses.