Emotional Hangover-It’s tribal

3:30 am somehow seems like a reasonable time to go to bed when in New Orleans. After long days of learning, the nights are when we get to catch up with each other. So many friends from around the world all in one place for the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) Global Leadership Conference (GLC). There were over 600 of us!

The amount of energy generated by this group representing the 4% of businesses that grow to over $1M. This is my tribe. These are my people. We get each other emotionally and share business openly without any NDA’s.

Everybody at GLC is a volunteer leader forEO (Non-profit 501.c3) in either their home chapter board, or a regional or global committee or board. So, not only is everybody a business owner, they are here to learn, grow, and give back so that others can learn and grow personally and professionally.

Last night I had the opportunity to chat with members, classmates, and friends from far and near. Saudi, Canada, Guatemala, Columbia, Costa Rica, and so many more. There is a word that we have for the feeling of connectedness in EO and that’s instamacy. Instant intimacy.

Now that I’m on a plan on my way home leaving my tribe I feel my heart aching just a bit to be with them. The lack of sleep and extreme good time can’t go on forever. Now I’m counting the days until the next global event. June 16th, MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program Year 2.