Crossing The Photo Chasm

Don’t you wish you could take photos as a full time job? Stop wishing and get serious. Turn that hobby into a profession that can pay the bills. According to, fewer than 10% of today’s photographers will only earn over $50,000 yearly. That’s a lot of cheddar that these photographers are missing on. This means to keep up with daily expenses most photographers must work part time and supplement their income with another job. Others use photography as means to express their artist side of the brain.

Nowadays you can’t just take good photos to make it. The convenience of digital photography has made the barrier of entry for professional photography almost non-existent. However, starting up your own operation without any business background is absolutely foolish. The market is already saturated with gifted photographers so standing out requires strategic marketing.

Let’s be real here, if you deciding to go pro you need to do a lot of reading. One of my favorite blogs for business photography is Besides the all the books on Oprah’s book club, it should be a part of your daily reading regiment at the breakfast table. Co-Founders, Andrew and Lori have been making a healthy living of photography and they want pass on their knowledge onto you. Every day the site posts new content that would help an emerging photographer who is trying to turn their work into cash. They even have a startup checklist. The information ranges from how to take better photos to how to better market and promote you and your business. A lot of the advice pertains to online strategies since they are both huge advocates of technology and the web. Take advice from people who have been there already and don’t be a part of the 90%.