Creating Pull: When They Want What You Have aka Inbound Marketing

creating pull inbound marketingSara has been camping with her grandparents and cousins for the last week, and has stories to tell. My dad called tonight and told me the following story.

The road was so muddy that trucks were getting stuck up to their axles in the mud, so they decided to walk 1 mile to their destination with. The children were slipping and sliding in the mud and Sara took the first fall. She had mud all over her legs and was quite distressed.

Grandma Kris explained how some people pay big money for the opportunity to have their bodies covered in mud. Well if a little mud was ok, then more mud would be even better, more valuable.

Sara told me that she yelled “Jamanamo!” and jumped in. Covered in mud from head to toe they arrived at their destination. The fellow campers proclaimed how cute Sara was and how they just had to have a picture.

This happened again and again and Sara thought that she must be famous and should start charging for the photos. She asked people for 50 cents, one dollar, or for some candy.

This was a random muddy opportunity that Sara saw and seized. In your business you can create or find interesting stories and experiences to share that people will be attracted to. That’s why I’m putting this story out there.

While being completely sincere and authentic, it is also a fun opportunity to attract readers and share a unique story that you can connect with. So, next time when I post a more boring business article, you’ll still read it and keep coming back looking for that funny post again. And it’s my duty to provide entertaining and educational content that you will share with others. That’s called inbound marketing which creates pull.

Here’s a little video clip of Sara IMG_2184