Cloud computing: Streamline your business with the newest tech solution-by Guest Blogger Anne Bruns

My 5-year-old son was pretty amazed watching his dad work. My husband was on my phone, submitting orders to one distributor, checking order statuses off his website, responding to emails from 3 different accounts and uploading pics of a new product to his Facebook business profile.The whole process taking under 20 minutes.

We were trying to explain to him how the internet works, why dad wasn’t working at the office and I could see his brain working overtime– hey mine does to when thinking about it. Forget storm clouds, rain clouds, or even fluffy clouds shaped like elephants and welcome to the world of cloud computing.

This new technology makes it easier than ever to give your business better management, instant connections, security, and more focus on operating and growing your business. My favorite aspect is the complete mobility of your office. Because what is better than working while at the park with your family? Not much. My son’s eyes lit up as if he understood exactly how it worked.

“So it’s just all out there,” he said waving his arms around. Exactly. All out there for businesses to use, grow, and profit from.

Thanks Anne!