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Build Your Own Android Or iPhone App On Your Lunch Break

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Scratch that, make it build your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox, even iPad or regular web app in record time.

At Salty Waffle, we’ve always had getting an app together on the list of things to do. Well, I finally scratched it off the to-do list when I discovered Conduit Mobile. Conduit has created a visual interface for building simple apps right online. You can drag and drop, snip parts of your website, and add pre-existing widgets that connect your app socially.

The app builder has an easy to use interface and can make your dreams of having an app come true. Once you build your app, customized to the hilt of course, Conduit then helps you populate carious app store information and let’s you know when you app is approved to be put in the Android Marketplace, The App Store, or other.

It’s a really simple process and you can tell everyone that you built an app! This is a great tool for small businesses that would like to have the offering of an app but don’t have the time to hire a developer and build from scratch. You sacrifice more complicated functions, but for a couple hours and no cost, having your own app is worth it.

I’ve put some shots here of our own app and the Conduit interface. Give it a try and build away!

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