4 Trends In Church Technology

social media, salty waffle, social media faith, social media faith based organizations, social media church, social media share, social media community, social media technologyAn article by Share Faith explains trends in church technology today. With the importance of Facebook and Twitter use being the top two trends, it is no wonder social media is a hot topic among churches. Here is an overview of four other church trends:


1) A church website comes first. Most people are no longer turning to the phonebook to find out where to go to church. Google is the first source people use for finding information. With no website, there is no way to find your church. As the article explains “Today, a church planting effort does not begin with a storefront presence; it starts with a website. Today, a church website is just as important as a place for the people to meet.”

2) Sermons hit the Internet instantly. streamingfaith.com, enough said.

3) Church attendance is in the cloud. “And we’re not talking about heaven. I’m not sure what you think about this, but many people “attend church” online.” Here is a walk through by Rebecca Livermore on how she attended church online.

4) The rise of the “church tech guy.” Long ago the tech guy would be considered low on the totem pole of necessity. Today church techies are essential. Most churches need a techie for their sound system, projection system, website, social media campaign, and more! In fact there is now a full time position in many churches for these people called the ‘media director.’