Family Focus Friday: 3 Social Media Tools For Finding The Best Church Camp For Your Children

social media, salty waffle, social media faith, social media faith based organizations, social media church, church camp, social media kids, social media family Looking for somewhere to send the kids for the summer? Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube let you get up close and personal with the church camp experience. One example is Young Life, an organization focused on introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith. Their mission focuses on connecting with kids, on their turf and in their culture. The goal of Young Life is to provide a thoroughly enjoyable experience for kids.

1) Twitter is great to get snip its of information about Young Life. By following on Twitter you can:

  • Get refereed informational articles about the organization by following @YoungLife
  • Receive up to date information about specific camps. One example is Young Life’s Twitter account that highlights 3 Colorado camps, accessed by following @YLCOCamps. On their stream, one tweet states “Club is going on right now!!!” With this, you can get up to date information at home about your child’s experience while it is happening.
  • Directly contribute to your child’s experiences by getting involved in the ideas chat account. By following @younglifeideas you can get involved in the experience and get your voice heard.
  • Ask Young Life leaders directly about the opportunities for your children and how you can get involved by following @YoungLifeLeader

2) Facebook can be used to view photos of kids at past camps, read their personal testimonials, and review camps. Each of Young Life’s 5 expedition locations have a Facebook site that can be explored. Find them by going to the main page and looking at who the Young Life Facebook site has liked.

3) YouTube can also be used to see what camp is all about. You can preview old camps to get a feel for what they are all about while also being entertained! Check it out: