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3 New Ways To Look At Twitter

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Think about your tweets in new, colorful ways!

When it’s time to look at your Twitter feed in a new way, it doesn’t hurt to have some neat tools in your back pocket. Here are three new Twitter tools we’ve been giving a try to help really visualize things.

  1. tweettolife: Ever wondered how to better target a message to a particular group of your followers?Tweettolife has taken an interesting start to tackling the question of how people talk on Twitter. They have taken a gender based approach and analyzed millions of tweets to give statistics on how men and women use particular words in their tweets. The coolest part is, all you have to do is enter phrases and it will give you a simple statistical breakdown of male vs. female usage. The potential for more complex demographic breakdowns of particular phrases is there and for now, if you’re trying to please one gender over another with a particular tweet, check out the words you are using and see if they are masculine or feminine based on Tweetolife’s analysis.
  2. Tweet Topic Explorer: Take your feed visual with Tweet Topic Explorer. With this tool, all you have to do is enter your Twitter handle and then sit back and let it work. It will quickly display a list of your most popular topics based on an extensive list of you past tweets. The map is like a Wordle for you tweets and gives you a very clear picture of the words you use. You can then decide how you want to adjust the language in your tweets, or better yet, leave them if you like what you see.
  3. Visibli: Visibli gives you the tools to see if people are engaging with your content, Twitter and your website. On the main page you can enter your page’s URL as well as your Twitter handle. From there Visibli provides you with engagement analytics and a neat look at how the clicks of your Twitter or web page links have been faring over a given period of time. A paid version offers more in-depth analytics.